Pretty Pumpkin Blossoms: Flowers to Fritters


Look what I found at the Davis Square farmers’ market, in Somerville, yesterday!

Pretty pumpkin blossoms

Pumpkin blossom bouquet

I was super excited to chance upon this pretty bunch. They were fresh, had a sweet smell, and were selling for 4$ a bunch. Back home, in Kolkata, we coat the blossoms in a batter made of a mixture of chickpea flour and rice flour before deep frying them. Tastes great with some dal and rice.

A Japanese lady was buying some fresh green beans from the same stall and she wanted to know what I would do with the blossoms. After I told her the recipe that we usually abide by, she said she prepares tempura batter for the blossoms and deep fries them. She suggested I could stuff the blossoms first, with stuffing of my choice, and then fry them.

“The vegetables you get here are good and fresh,” she said.

Then she whispered into my ears, “And cheap too, you know.”

See, this is one of the reasons I love visiting a farmers’ market. You not only get to interact with the farmers and know where your produce comes from but also get a chance to interact with your fellow buyers.

Before I left, I got a big glass of freshly squeezed lemonade with raspberry and mint at another stall and a maple bacon donut from the Union Square Donuts’ stall.

I got back home feeling happy.

I knew what we would be having for dinner: moong dal with vegetables, basmati rice and pumpkin blossom fritters. I decided on making fritters because that would give me the option to shallow fry them, instead of deep frying. I picked ten flowers from the bunch and washed them and let them dry. I followed this recipe, but used only two tablespoons of chickpea flour, half an onion and added one tablespoon of rice flour. Didn’t add the baking powder as well. They came out crisp on the outside and soft but perfectly cooked on the inside.

Pumpkin blossom fritters

Pumpkin blossom fritters

Another reason I love visiting  farmers’ markets is that they remind me so much of the sabzi (vegetable) bazaars back home.

A stall at a vegetable bazaar in Kolkata.

A stall at a vegetable bazaar in Kolkata. Spotted the pumpkin?


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14 thoughts on “Pretty Pumpkin Blossoms: Flowers to Fritters

  1. mon bhalo kora lucky to find kumro phool there..wish i could finds some here..

  2. True farmers market definately reminds vegetable bazaar:-)

  3. I’ve never used pumpkin blossoms flowers in my food.. or for that matter any flower.. well except cauliflower which really doesn’t qualify the definition :p I am intrigued, how does it taste? like any leafy vegetable?
    Btw, I am glad you skipped the oil and shallow fried them – great idea that.

    • Hi Namrata,
      They have a very subtle taste and sweetness to it. The recipe I used made them taste like onion pakodas but with a hint of sweetness and that subtle pumpkin flavor. Oh and yes count cauliflower in as a flower, who can deny them that status with such beautiful florets it can boast of. 😀

  4. wow, dam delicious fritter,
    i just recently made it stuffed wit bacon, cheese, anchovies and roasted pumpkin and posted it in my blog,
    lovin the female pumpkin blossom with baby pumpkin fruit on it too…

    • The description itself made my mouth water and then I checked out the pictures on your post! Just wow! I will have to try this for sure. A lady at the farmers’ market actually suggested that I could stuff the blossoms and then deep fry them.

  5. Gorgeous! I stuff mine with soft goats cheese and chorizo before tempura batter and frying, but I’m definitely going to have to give this version a whirl. It’s lovely to read about your farmers’ market as well, I’m completely besotted with our local markets and it great to see that they’re the same no matter where you are in the world!

    • Thank you! I am in love with farmers’ markets!
      Next time I bring these blossoms home I will have to stuff them and then fry them for sure. Chorizo and goat cheese sounds like wonderful combo!

  6. That is so good tip! I know similar recipe from South part of France..really delicious. 🙂

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