Balachaung — a taste of Myanmar

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Burmese cuisine holds a special place in my heart. Why? Well, my father was born in Myanmar (Burma). My grandfather was a doctor and he was posted in Myanmar for a few years. They moved back to India when my dad was eight.

So, my mother had picked up some Burmese recipes from my grandfather, and I remember a dish specially delectable to my palate – “komon cho”. It is a dish made of a variety of vegetables — carrots, cauliflower, beans, cabbage, spring onion — and mutton (goat meat).

Ma prepared this dish only during winter due to the availability of different kinds of vegetables.

I tried to Google the dish but it didn’t show up anywhere during the search. I am thinking it’s safe to assume that my grandfather got the name of the dish and/or pronunciation wrong.

Recently a friend of ours introduced us to a quaint little Burmese restaurant called Yoma in Allston. It serves up some great Burmese dishes, but the one I fell in love with is a Burmese condiment made of dried shrimp called balachaungwhich is generally served with rice dishes.

Just a couple of weeks back we were at Yoma for lunch and I made sure to order some extra to go.


But next time I visit, I will try and unravel the “komon cho” mystery.


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One thought on “Balachaung — a taste of Myanmar

  1. Hello Livecook, lovely entry… Will look forward to a post on Komon cho… Why dont you pen down the recipe from aunty? tc itiriti

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