Christmas, cakes and memories…


It was a week before Christmas when a friend of mine told me that she couldn’t wait for Christmas.

“Me too, I love the plum cakes,” I said.

I was only ten.

“Cakes?! No you fool, I am excited about the gifts that I would get from Santa this year,” she said.

“Santa brings you gifts! What are you talking about?” I asked her.

She explained how each year Santa Claus brought her gifts. I was bewildered and hurried home to tell my parents about it.

What dad said bewildered me further. But I wasn’t ready to accept the truth.

I hung a small plastic bag from the almirah knob the night before Christmas.

I woke up the next morning and looked inside the packet to find a math book staring back at me!

Dad was right…


But I didn’t want my sister to miss out on the fun and anticipation. So I started playing Santa to my little sister from the year after.

From the beginning of November I used to start telling her about how careful she should be while preparing her wish list, for Santa had a budget of no more than Rs. 20.

Fancy erasers, stone stickers, glitter pencils, gel pens, candies and a Christmas card – were the things that Santa would bring for her.

I still remember her saying, “Look didi Santa’s handwriting is the same as yours,” after reading the card, signed: To Bony, from Santa Claus.


Today it’s just another Christmas day. A flood of memories, some snow flurries and a chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry frosting made it brighter.

But I still miss plum cakes…



Author: livecook

5 thoughts on “Christmas, cakes and memories…

  1. ভাল, বেশ ভাল। চালিয়ে যা 🙂

  2. …as an alternative to stocking 😀

  3. It never came to my mind….I could have done the same thing with my little bro….excellent….cake banale naki?

  4. @Mekhala: ha banalam 🙂

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